Egyptian Women of the Revolution

A site dedicated to the women who fight for a better Egypt.

Egyptian women have become bolder. They are more willing to stand up for their rights.

Samah Abdelaty


The initial motivation behind this self-funded and unaffiliated project was to reduce false stereotypes of the Arab world and Egyptian women in particular. There are many more nuances to appreciate of the forty million Egyptian women than stereotypes imply. Endless discussions on veils, Islamists repressions, and hopeless lack of opportunities only re-enforce unconstructive discourse. Shedding light onto the real story of the women of Egypt could help lower inter-cultural barriers and reduce the chance of people making superficial judgments. This web platform will hopefully contribute to put in touch women’s groups and concerned citizens from the western hemisphere and the Arab world with the women interviewed here and the communities they represent. Egyptian women participated in the uprising that toppled president Hosni Mubarak. Numerous testimonies, stories and dense footage from the eighteen days of protests in Tahrir Square during 2011 confirm these facts. What has happened since then? Where is the Egyptian woman? What are her gains or losses during the ongoing transition period? This web platform enables the women interviewed to answers some of these questions.

Check out the book “Fearless: Egyptian Women of the Revolution” by written by Tatiana Philiptchenko, the co-founder of the Peace Media Co-Op.

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