After the Massacre

A documentary film about press freedom in Mindanao after the Maguindanao massacre.


November 23rd, 2011 marked the second anniversary of the Maguindanao massacre, one of the darkest moments in Philippine history. In a horrific politically motivated crime, 58 people, including at least 32 journalists, were brutally murdered. While the victims  are still awaiting justice, the remaining journalists in Mindanao struggle with the continuing threats to press freedom. 

”After the Massacre” is a narrative driven documentary film about the state of journalism in Mindanao in the aftermath of  the Maguindanao massacre. Journalsits Christine Roque and Ingmar Zahorsky traveled through Mindanao to chronicle the harsh realities of seven frontline journalists. In an intimate visual story, these journalists reflect on the tragic event that killed their friends and colleagues and how it impacted their personal and professional life.

I realized that meeting violence with another violence will just perpetrate violence.

Aquiles Zonio, Print Correspondent

Our role is not really to change the world, just to impart the public of what is due to them.

Ali Macabalang, Print Correspondent

These mining firms have their own armed goons. They can demand a ban on certain stories. Why? I think its because of the prevailing culture of impunity.

Nico Alconaba, Bureau Chief


Christine Anne Roque is a TV journalist working as a field correspondent, news anchor and TV host covering a wide range issues from national security, politics, insurgency, and human rights. She is a member of the Peace and Conflict Journalism Network in the Philippines.  She became the youngest journalist to serve as an ambassador of goodwill for the Philippine delegation to the ASEAN, has participated in the production of ASEAN TV documentary, and has produced TV specials and programs in her TV station.

Ingmar Zahorsky / Peace Media Co-Op Communications and Technology Director (Please click here for a bio)



RUNNING TIME 27 minutes, FORMAT 720P, LANGUAGE Tagalog/ English, SUBTITLESEnglish, SHOOTING Fall 2011, EDITING FINISH 11.15.2011, FILMING LOCATIONS Cotabato, General Santos City, Davao City, Koronadal City, Datu Piango, Ampatuan, Tacurong, Manila SCREENINGS UN mandated University for Peace (San Jose, Costa Rica), Fully Booked (Manila, Philippines), Cebu International Film Festival (Cebu,Philippines), INSIGHT Digital (Berkeley, USA)